New Home Extensions (book): Copper Fish by XPACE

  • Markus Jung
  • Maud Cassaignau

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Period16 Sept 2011

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleNew Home Extensions: Copper Fish by XPACE
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Media name/outletLinks International
    Media typePrint
    Duration/Length/SizeA4 oversize/ p. 46-55
    DescriptionThe two-storey construction is an addition to an artists private house. Its precise volumetry reacts to the geometry of the existing house, the sloped topography as well as to the necessary distances to the neighbors and maximises the possible size of the building.
    The atelier is located at garden level, and is continued in a protected outside terrace. The space is defined by an apparent concrete floor, and a concrete wall, holding back the terrain. The resistent surfaces continue on the outside beyond the glass partition. A triangular skylight extends the space to the north. It allows to bring northlight to the atelier as well as to the windows in the existing facade, and thus into the old part of the house.
    The upper level is constitued by a woodframecontruction cladded in copper. It contains a wellness space with sauna, an open shower, built-in cupboards, a toilet, and built-in chaise-longues. Through panorama windows the garden can be enjoyed from the heighth, despite the privacy of the space. The built-in furniture connects to the existing part, while holding the wardrobe, the toilet,a washbasin and seating facilities. the wellness area is realised in refined materials like glass mosaics, natural and laquered wood in light colours.
    The top of the extention holds a large sundeck connected to the master bedroom on the second floor. From here the panoramic view on the european quarter with its high-rise towers can be enjoyed.
    Producer/AuthorJacobo Krauel
    PersonsMarkus Jung, Maud Cassaignau