Museums Victoria collections article: Pottery sherds from Wuatam (Watom) Island, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea

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Co-wrote a Museums Victoria collections article with Lisa Hilli, with input from Tolai elders living in Melbourne. Assisted with the digitisation of pottery sherds for the article.

Period1 Jun 2020

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Media contributions

  • TitlePottery sherds from Wuatam (Watom) Island, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea
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    DescriptionArticle describing the discovery of pottery sherds on Wuatam (Watom) Island, which is situated a few kilometres off the north coast of New Britain in Papua New Guinea. In 1909, several small, intricately decorated earthenware pottery sherds were found eroding from the ground near the coastal village of Rakival. A German missionary - Otto Meyer - conducted amateur excavations near the discovery, which revealed deep deposits containing similar sherds (up to two metres below the surface). Examples of the fragmented pottery were sent to museums in Basel, Berlin, Cologne and Paris as well as to Australia. Museums Victoria cares for 27 of the Wuatam Island pottery sherds, which have been on long-term loan from the Australian War Museum since 1925.
    PersonsChris Urwin


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