MTalks Podcast: Sensory Architecture: Designing Space for Autism Spectrum

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Period16 Dec 2019

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleSensory Architecture: Designing Space for Autism Spectrum
    DescriptionThe notion of neurodiversity—the breadth and difference in the ways we relate to our environments—raises a number of questions for spatial designers. How do different sensory modes enhance our understanding of the world? What approaches can designers use to engage with these diverse experiences, and how can this lead to more inclusive, higher-quality spatial environments?

    Revisit this panel discussion from a diverse group of Monash University researchers and designers, including MADA’s Dr Chris Cottrell; architect—and principal of empathic-experimental practice BLOXAS—Anthony Clarke; and Dr Beth Johnson, who leads Monash’s Autism/ADHD Genetics and Neurodevelopment (MAGNET) project.
    PersonsChris Cottrell, Anthony Clarke, Beth Johnson