Men's Risky Drinking - Interview with 6PR: "Mornings with Gareth Parker"

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Period4 Mar 2019

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Media contributions

  • TitleInterview with Dr Steven Roberts, Associate professor of Sociology, Monash University
    Media name/outlet6PR - Mornings with Gareth Parker
    DescriptionInterview with Dr Steven Roberts, Associate professor of Sociology, Monash University. Roberts says they have done research on about 100 Vic men and their drinking cultures. He mentions in focused groups they talked about consumption rate, rules around drinking and the meaning behind drinking which makes being an Australian man fit to the drinking culture of the country. He notes the recommended amount of drinks is four. He states they found that there is a massive misalignment between public health messaging and the way that an everyday man understands what risky drinking is. He adds many people were shocked to hear that the recommended amount of alcohol is only four. Roberts says there's a difference between lifetime risks and single occasion risks. He mentions their study found that there is resistance to being told how much a person can drink. He notes men drink a lot because they care about their mate and it's about making a person feel included. He states young men nowadays are not as attracted to the notion of socialising over rounds of beers, and would rather catch up over coffee. He adds young people are drinking less but there are still some subgroups that drink heavily. [cont]
    PersonsSteven Roberts