MEANINGFUL PLAY: Episode 36 – Queer Games

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Queer games? For pride month? Ground-breaking. This episode Sian and Heather chat about queer game design and the growing body of scholarship from writers including Bo Ruberg and Xavier Ho on queer games and the way queer games reimagine and play with the video game form. We catch up on what we’ve been working on and playing recently, including robobarbie’s Stop Burying Me Alive, Beautiful! We talk about some of our past research with the LGBTQIA+ Video Game Archive and queer representation in English-language romantic games. We discuss some queer games we find interesting including Lookouts and I was a teenage exocolonist. Lastly, we close with a discussion of some of Jack Halberstam and Bo Ruberg’s work on queerness and failure, and the provocative questions their scholarship asks about form and the status quo.

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Period12 Jun 2024

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