Malaysian Corruption Scandal: Interview for ABC's 'Between the Lines'

  • Kerstin Steiner

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Last year, The Wall Street discovered evidence of potential corruption involving Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. He was accused of channelling over RM2.67 billion, which is about $700 million, from 1MDB, a government-run strategic development company, to his personal bank accounts.

The event triggered widespread criticisms among Malaysians, with many calling for Najib's resignation. 

Najib denies all wrongdoing.

But can the Prime Minister and the Malaysian federation itself survive this scandal?

Interview with Dr. Kerstin Steiner by Tom Switzer.

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Period6 Oct 2016

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Media coverage

  • TitleMalaysian Corruption Scandal: Interview for ABC's 'Between the Lines'
    PersonsKerstin Steiner