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Period11 Jul 2018

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Media contributions

  • TitleKeynote speaker
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    DescriptionKeynote presenttaion
    Graduate employability has become a concern of higher education worldwide. In English-speaking and ‘Western’ countries like US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, enhancing employability of international students has been raised as an urgent matter in strategic development plans. One of the reasons contributing to this phenomenon is the growth of Asian education in terms of both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Such a rapid development is putting great pressures on Western education and enhancing employability of international students has been taken as an effective tool to keep them competitive in the international education market. To achieve this goal, curricula and pedagogies are being called to embed graduate attributes that are designed to match employability skills. The graduate attribute agenda has therefore become a predominant theme in teaching and learning at higher education in various Western nations.

    A question is, however, how much this agenda helps international students because Western higher education is neglecting the fact that international students have their own cultural resources, intellectual qualities, identity and social capitals that have great impacts on the choice of their employment and employability. There is therefore a need for a careful consideration of these factors in the development of Western curricula and pedagogies.

    This keynote presentation will analyse and discuss pull and push factors that impact international students’ employability in various contexts. The presentation will be illustrated by empirical data that were collected from various countries about returnees’ employment, industries’ demands and employers’ perspectives towards returnees. Main points to be taken away are:
    • How to interpret “employability”, especially in international graduates’ circumstances?
    • What are pull and push factors that influence international graduates’ employability in various contexts?
    • How to develop curricula and pedagogies to enhance international graduates’ employability?
    • What are the roles of various stakeholders in enhancing international graduates’ employability?
    • How do Western higher education go beyond the skills agenda to enhance international graduates’ employability?
    PersonsThanh Pham