It Did Actually Rain In Australia On Monday But We Should Still Be Worried

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This week there were reports that November 11 was set to be the first day on record where there was no rain on mainland Australia.That didn't end up being true, but that doesn't mean that things aren't dire...



Period13 Nov 2019

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Media contributions

  • TitleIt Did Actually Rain In Australia On Monday But We Should Still Be Worried
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    DescriptionDr Paul Satur, a Water Resource Management expert with the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities at Monash University, reminds us that these kinds of seemingly odd occurrences are actually becoming the new norm, and that is cause for concern.

    "We have just come away from the hottest summer ever on record. Then, for the first eight months of this year temperatures soared. The country’s mean temperature was the second warmest on record and the mean maximum temperatures were the warmest on record," said Dr Satur over email.

    "To add to this, rainfall averages have been well below average for most of the country. Drought-effected parts of eastern and southern Australia, have experienced (to-date), rainfall levels in the lowest 10% of historical records. Our major cities anxiously look on as water storage levels continue to drop to lows not seen since the Millennium Drought and at rates not seen before on record."
    PersonsPaul Satur