Interview with Dr Charles Livingstone, Monash University

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Period2 Aug 2017

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Media contributions

  • TitleInterview with Dr Charles Livingstone, Monash University
    Degree of recognitionNational
    Media name/outlet6PR
    Media typeRadio
    Duration/Length/Size10 mins 56 secs
    DescriptionInterview with Dr Charles Livingstone, lecturer, Monash University and one of the authors of the Household Income and Labor Dynamics (HILD). Parker says a HILD Report found that Australians spent more than twice as much on gambling on a per person basis compared to anyone else in the world. Livingstone outlines some of the findings the HILD Report on gambling. He states that people who gamble in pokies, sports betting, or horse and dog betting have a greater likelihood of experiencing harm. He explains what is a problem gambler and the scale they use. He says per adult in Australia they spend $1,240 a year on gambling products of one sort or another. He says the amount of money those people are losing increased and the proportion of people with gambling problems stayed the same. He thinks people should be able to understand what is happening when they spend their money. He states that as far as they are aware the harm from gambling in WA is much lower than the eastern and southern states where there are poker machines. He notes that other forms of gambling are dangerous too.
    Producer/AuthorGareth Parker
    PersonsCharles Livingstone