Interview with Dr Charles Livingstone, Monash University

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Period18 May 2017

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Media contributions

  • TitleInterview with Dr Charles livingstone, Monash University
    Degree of recognitionNational
    Media name/outlet2CC
    Media typeRadio
    Duration/Length/Size7 mins 8 secs
    DescriptionPre-recorded interview with Dr Charles Livingstone, Monash University. Shaw reports that more than 200,000 Canberrans are members of a community-based club. He wonders if the Chief Minister of the ACT will no longer have any communications with ClubsACT. He mentions that the Chief Minister Andrew Barr is also the leader of the ACT Australian Labor Party. He mentions that Barr will only do business with the representatives of the traders. He reads the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education [FARE] press release, saying that pokies' community fund ripped in ACT clubs' favour. He mentions that the study from FARE is arguing that community contributions from pokie machines venues are failing to offset the harm caused by pokie machines in the ACT. Livingstone says they look at how much the clubs contribute to the Canberra community and to assess the level of harm caused in the ACT by gambling. Livingstone says they asked the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission to give them data. He mentions that they discovered most of the gambling money goes to elite sports and very little goes to genuine community contributions. He says they are suggesting to establish a fund which will be overseen by independent people and distributed to community purposes. Shaw stresses that Livingstone is an independent academic.
    Producer/AuthorTim Shaw
    PersonsCharles Livingstone