Interview with Dr Charles Livingstone Monash SPHPM

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Period19 Oct 2017

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Media coverage

  • TitleInterview with Dr Charles Livingstone Monash SPHPM
    Degree of recognitionNational
    Media name/outlet6PR
    Media typeRadio
    Duration/Length/Size15 mins 25 secs
    DescriptionInterview with Dr Charles Livingstone, a gambling researcher at Monash University' School of Public Health. Ilsley says there was an interesting article on the National Broadcaster's website recently under the heading of 'Gambling addiction into the zone, where winning is a distraction'. Ilsley says the brains are naturally configured to get pleasure out of the things people do. Ilsley says he never understood the pleasure in gambling because he cannot understand how people can drop money into machines that they cannot afford to lose. Dr Livingstone it was a point of view he shared until he looked more closely into how poker machines work. Dr Livingstone says the brain's reward circuits are set up to deal with intermittent and occasional rewards. Dr Livingstone explains how the system machines is changing the brain's circuits. Dr Livingstone says as consumers, people are not rational. Dr Livingstone says most people begin gambling because it provides them some sense of relief from the stress and strains of daily life. Ilsley says revenue gained by eastern state governments such as Vic, NSW, SA, Qld and Tas is not considered income for GST purposes, yet revenue gained from mining royalties in WA is.
    Producer/AuthorChris Ilsley
    PersonsCharles Livingstone