Interview with Dr Charles Livingstone

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Period5 Dec 2017

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleInterview with Dr Charles Livingstone
    Media name/outletABC Radio Melbourne
    Duration/Length/Size~ 5 mins
    DescriptionSymons says that he saw the gambling statistics, and someone out there must be losing his share of the money Livingstone
    says that gambling is not a good investment, unless you are a bookmaker or casino operator, saying for a punter it is a losing
    game. Livingstone says pokies in Victoria collects $2.6b per year, and $12b around Australia, saying that only 16% of
    Victorians play the pokies, and this means some people are spending large amounts of money on the pokies. Livingstone
    says the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has found gambling costs the community $7b per year. Livingstone
    says money spent on the pokies would be better spent on other things. Livingstone says the Government makes $1b per year
    on poker machines. Symons recalls having to travel to Albury to play the pokers. Livingstone says in NSW you can put $7,500
    into the machines, and lose $10 every two seconds. Symons asks if football clubs receive income from pokie machines.
    Livingstone says all Victoria clubs except North Melbourne use pokie machine revenue, noting Geelong have said they are
    phasing it out. Livingstone says one of the issues is that pokies are always in areas where people are doing it tough.
    Producer/AuthorRed Symons
    PersonsCharles Livingstone