Interview with Charles Livingstone, Monash Uni, about Crown casino

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Period19 Oct 2017

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleInterview with Charles Livingstone, Monash Uni, about Crown casino
    Degree of recognitionRegional
    Media name/outletABC Central Vic
    Media typeRadio
    Duration/Length/Size6 mins 6 secs
    DescriptionInterview with Charles Livingstone, Gambling Researcher, Monash University, about Crown Casino. Parker reports that Crown Casino or Crown Entertainment Complex have denied allegations of tampering poker machines. However, whistleblowers under Parliamentary privilege revealed the casino's operation in a video screened by MP Andrew Wilkie. The casino is also facing other accusations like ignoring domestic violence and money laundering. Livingstone explains how to tamper a poker machine, saying there are many ways to do it. He says the issue in Crown Casino is about disabling the button which controls the lower arrangement of betting. Parker talks about the player's addiction to the point where they even refuse to go to the toilet. She adds the staff gave clothing from lost property to people. Livingstone says the casino should make a move to correct the wrongdoings of the people inside the facility and not to facilitate it to continue gambling.
    Producer/AuthorFiona Parker
    PersonsCharles Livingstone