Infectious disease experts claim worst of Covid pandemic is over in Australia

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Top infectious disease experts say Australians have seen the worst of the Covid pandemic with future waves likely to be smaller and less severe.


Monash University infectious disease modeller Romain Ragonnet said the country has experienced the worst of the pandemic.

“The population now has a very high level of immunity from both vaccination and infection,” he said.

“This was not the case before the Omicron waves so I am confident that we are now in a more favourable situation than we were a few months ago.”


Mr Ragonnet said he expected future waves to be smaller.

“New variants will most likely be sub-lineages of the Omicron variant to which a large proportion of the Australian population has now been exposed,” he said.

“This infection-induced immunity combined with the high vaccination rates mean that future waves are expected to be smaller and should induce less pressure on the health system.”

Period10 Aug 2022

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Media contributions