How virtual reality technology is changing the way students learn

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    For many years, schools and universities have had to change the way they work and teach in order to fit in with technology.

    Software like PowerPoint, for example, which has long been used as an education tool, wasn’t designed for education. Nonetheless, it has been a staple tool in education settings, used as a way to present information in template, bite-size formats. 

    But this isn’t always a good thing.

    The use of digital technologies sees some teachers and students presenting information using templates, which means much of the individual character of teachers’ practices can be lost. 

    Research shows that software such as PowerPoint can homogenise and sanitise the way teachers present information to their students.

    Only more recently are we seeing technology being designed and utilised specifically for education contexts, and it’s changing the way students learn and understand things.

    Period11 Jan 2017

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    • TitleHow virtual reality technology is changing the way students learn
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