Greg Bamber, Author, Monash University: interview with Leon Byner: The future of aviation in Australia

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Interview with Greg Bamber, Author, Monash University on the aviation industry in Australia, referencing his book Up in the Air. Bamber states that the Federal Government is too slow in offering support towards the aviation industry in Australia, including Virgin and Qantas. Byner notes that the aviation companies aren't offering international flights at the moment as they can't afford it. Bamber says Australia does not have a decent inter-city rail network, so aviation is an essential form of public transport. Bamber says the Federal Government should not merely stand back while Virgin Australia is being bought by private equity, adding competition is important in the aviation industry. He adds that the Federal Government is reacting in a knee-jerk way and not planning long-term strategies, which he says is important the aviation and for higher education too. Neither sector caused COVID-19. Neither sector closed our borders. Both sectors deserve Government support. Both key industries are vital for our post-COVID future.

Period9 Jun 2020

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Media contributions


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