Gold Coast Games will struggle to remain relevant - here's why

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    This article challenges both the relevancy and the financial viability of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. It argues that given the increasingly crowded and professionalised sports market the Games will struggle to attract major athletic drawcards and gain traction in the sports media market. Consequeently, the Games constitute a poor return on the investment of public monies.

    Period5 Aug 2014

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    Media contributions

    • TitleThe Conversation
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      Media name/outletThe Conversation
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      Duration/Length/Size800 words
      DescriptionThis article challenges the prevailing media and political opinion that mega sporting events add to the economy and provide financial returns on government investment. It also contends that the investment in the Commonwealth Games is ill-placed given their declining importance in the international sports market.
      Producer/AuthorTom Heenan
      PersonsThomas Heenan


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