From wogball to a national game: soccer and multiculturalism [ABC Radio]

  • Francesco Ricatti

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Period15 Jun 2010

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Media contributions

  • TitleFrom wogball to a national game: soccer and multiculturalism
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    Media name/outletABC Radio - Life Matters
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    DescriptionSoccer or football, whatever you prefer to call it, is much more than a game. It says a lot about a country's past, about colonial history, migration, multiculturalism and national identity. It's about globalisation now too.

    In Australia, soccer has gone from being dismissed as 'wogball' as some called it, to a widely supported national game.

    In this discussion about soccer's role in society we hear from Pino Migliorino, who chairs the Ethnic Communities Council of Australia; Dr Francesco Ricatti, the Cassamarca Lecturer in Italian at the University of the Sunshine Coast; and from SBS, South African born newsreader Anton Enus. He recently presented an Insight special on soccer in Australia.
    Producer/AuthorRichard Aedy - Jackie May
    PersonsFrancesco Ricatti


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