Enache, C. for The Human Show (Producer) Wendy Gunn: on Research as a Future Making Practice

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Period10 Feb 2021

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Media coverage

  • TitleWendy Gunn: on Research as a Future Making Practice (
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    DescriptionIn today’s episode we talk to Wendy about her experience of shaping design anthropology and the ways collaborative research practices in this emerging field have evolved. How does she reconcile the designer, architect and anthropologist that dwell within her? In what ways has the cross-disciplinary collaboration given Wendy strength to navigate different kinds of design processes and practices? We inquire about the challenges and difficulties that this navigation sometimes implies. We reflect on research as a future making practice and on ways of being a researcher within that space. We close with stimulating questions and a research case: how do you conduct fieldwork without actually being there? How can you as a researcher make research practices more sustainable? And how do you engage astronauts in carrying out anthropological research?

    Producer/AuthorEnache, C. for The Human Show (Producer)
    PersonsWendy Gunn


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