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  • Sarika Kewalramani

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    Period11 Oct 2019

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    Media contributions

    • TitleEarly Childhood Resource Hub newsletter - Digital Technologies
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      DescriptionGetting started with Bee-Bots
      Monash University lecturer Dr Sarika Kewalramani
      has an ongoing interest in coding and robotics
      in early childhood education. She recommends
      some of the following activities in an article titled
      ‘Why pre-school is the best time to spark an
      interest in STEM’:
      ● Using trial and error, children program the
      Bee-Bot to perform different tasks. It’s a great
      opportunity for children to estimate things.
      For example, how many times will your Bee-Bot
      need to go forward to reach the farm and beach
      in their city?
      ● Ask children to design their own story for
      the Bee-Bot’s adventures to encourage
      creativity. Children can draw a story map,
      and use images to illustrate it.

      ● Promote group work and set up problem-
      solving challenges. For example, robots

      can dive into the ocean to find the treasure
      or climb up a mountain without going into
      a volcanic area.
      Producer/AuthorEarly Childhood Resource Hub newsletter
      PersonsSarika Kewalramani