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Lam’s research has been quoted in range of Australian and international media, including metropolitan daily newspapers and national television news, radio news, and current affairs outlets, primarily on issues concerning risky alcohol use amongst young people, school leaver celebrations, and alcohol use myths.


Between May 2017 and May 2018, Lam’s research was covered in 113 stories – this reached a cumulative audience of 2.7 million and had an advertising space rate of $397k.


Past stories include:


  1. Nine.com.au - How alcohol wrecks your sleep cycle (2018-06-15)
  2. Alcohol adverts may breach code (2018-04-27). Outlets included news.com.au; Australian; Guardian; the West Australian, SBS, ABC radio, Triple J
  3. Perth Live (drive) program with Oliver Peterson, 6PR invited speaker – ‘The rise of heavy cider among young drinkers’ (2018-04-09)
  4. One in ten teenagers is drinking alcohol at levels that are dangerous to their health (2018-03-26). Via the West Australian,TV – Lam invited guest on Nine News; story on Seven News, Radio - Triple J, ABC News (WA QLD, TAS), 6PR, News.com.au
  5. Better Living (formerly 2UE Sydney) invited speaker - Parental influences on teen drinking (2017-11-02)
  6. ABC TV News 24 invited guest for national episode 218 – ‘Parental disapproval can reduce high risk drinking’ (2017-11-01)
  7. ABC Radio Australia News - Should parents give their kids alcohol to control drinking? (2017-11-01). Syndication online including The New Daily and Capital Bay
  8. The West Australian - Disapproval of binge drinking is best path for worried parents (pp 26, 2017-11-01)
  9. The West Australian - Study shows teens set to down 15 drinks a day for leavers celebrations (pp1 of newspaper, 2017-10-31). Syndication to print on 2017-10-31: Herald Sun pp9 (VIC), Daily Telegraph pp7 (NSW), Adelaide Advertiser pp 2 (SA), Courier Mail pp 13 (QLD), Hobart Mercury pp3 (TAS), Broome Advertiser pp 5 (WA; 09/11/2017). Covered by AM and FM radio news in VIC, NSW, WA, SA. Lam invited for radio Interviews on ABC Perth, 98five Sonshine FM, 6PR, Better Living (previously 2UE Sydney). Co-investigator Allsop invited for interview on NineNews TV
  10. Courier Mail – ‘Teenage drinkers are fewer but they’re downing more in a session’ (2017-10-03)
  11. Invited radio Interview for Radio 4EB Brisbane (2017-10-05)
  12. The West Australian - ‘Curtin University research finds one in five teen binge drinkers consuming 13 standard drinks in one hit’  (2017-10-03). Invited live radio interview via ABC South West Drive (2017-10-03)
  13. Steve Biddulph via MamaMia - ‘Picture a classroom full of fifteen-year-old girls. How many of them are secretly struggling?’ (2017/05/03).
  14. The Conversation, ‘Ten reasons some of us should cut back on alcohol’ (2017/01/03). 70,000 readers via >16 republications including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Canberra Times, WA Today, Brisbane Times.
  15. RadioWest - Invited speaker on ‘Breakfast with Blackers’, ‘Pre-drinking teens’ (24/11/2016)
  16. Melville Times – ‘Tips to avoid a Festive hangover’ (2016/12/21)
  17. ABC South West – Invited speaker on ‘Breakfast with Meghan Woods’, ‘Pre-drinking teens’ (22/11/2016)
  18. PerthNow, ‘Bunbury the nation's pre-loading capital’ (2016-11-20). Syndication to print: The Daily Telegraph and the Herald Sun, Adelaide’s The Advertiser, and NT’s Courier Mail
  19. NZ NewsHub, ‘Study: Teens binge on 17 drinks at a time’ (2016-10-24)
  20. HeraldSun ‘Teen booze threat: young binge drinkers still ignoring health risks’ pp3 (24/10/2016). Syndication to print: The Daily Telegraph, Adelaide Advertiser, Daily Mail Australia, Courier Mail, Brisbane, Hobart Mercury, NT News. TV coverage via Ten News and Today with Lisa Wilkinson & Karl Stefanovic, Channel 9 (broadcast on 40 stations). Radio coverage via 3AW693 Melbourne, 2AY Albury, NSW, Ho FM. Hobart, SEN, Melbourne and 6PR 882, Perth. Invited speaker on 2GB
  21. HuffingtonPost ‘The Teenage Boys That Drink 12 Beers At A Normal Get-Together and the girls that almost match them drink for drink’ (24/10/2016)
  22. Australian Women’s Weekly, ‘Is beer good for your brain?’ (2016-06-03)
  23. Community Newspapers syndication (printed in Canning Times, pp5; Kalamunda Reporter pp 7, Melville Times pp 15), ‘Teen drinking on the decline’ (2016-03-22)
  24. Australian Women’s Weekly, ‘Are you drinking too much?’ (2016-03-18)
  25. Sydney Morning Herald, ‘Children admitted to hospital because of alcohol use in NSW’ (2015-03-01)
  26. The West Australian, ‘Booze binges ‘part of leavers’’ (2015-02-26)
  27. Sydney Morning Herald, ‘Could beer help fend off Alzheimers?’, syndicated nationally to other Fairfax publications (2015-02-04)
  28. Drug and Alcohol Research Connections,Young Australians’ Alcohol Reporting System’ (2015-03).
  29. ABC/Triple J’s Hack, ‘Drug fuelled Schoolies?’, invited speaker (2014-11-24)
  30. The West Australian, ‘Alcohol risks for young a big concern’, pp8 (2014-11-24)
  31. 3AW693 Melbourne radio, ‘Alcohol Myths’ – invited speaker (2014-06-11)
  32. Sydney Morning Herald, ‘Hair of the dog, beer goggles and mixing drinks: the truth about alcohol’ – syndicated nationally to other Fairfax publications (2014-06-05).
  33. Newcastle Herald, ‘Drunk violent women on the rise’ (2014-01-16)
  34. The West Australian, ‘Perth is binge drink capital’ [POINTED], pp1 (2013-03-21)
  35. The West Australian, ‘Party smart’, Health + Medicine (2013-11-13)
  36. The West Australian, ‘Teach teens to play it safe with alcohol’ (2013-11-13)
  37. The West Australian, ‘Schoolies binge drink danger’, pp3 (2012-11-13)
  38. ABC/Triple J’s Hack, ‘Schoolies’ – invited speaker (2012-11-30).
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Media contributions

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