Data Fluency Major Prize and End of the Year Celebration

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Period9 Dec 2019

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleMonash Data Fluency Competition - Celebration on monash.workplace
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    Media name/ Monash Data Fluency
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    DescriptionOn Monash.workplace the Monash Data Fluency team promoted my poster and celebrated the first edition of the competition.

    "We recently held our End of Year event, which included lighting talks by some of the prize winners of the Data Fluency digital toolkit poster competition.
    Presenters shared their research, the tools they used to interact with data and, how they have used it to benefit their research.
    Congratulations to Carlo Rindi who was our Major Prize winner. View Carlo's poster.
    Some of our Minor Prize winning poster can also be viewed online.
    Thank you to all of the entrants who took part in the Data Fluency digital toolkit poster competition. Your creations are greatly valued as it enables Data Fluency to offer workshops that cater for your needs, and helps us identify what we can do to assist your research in 2020."

    Carlo Rindi post:
    Producer/AuthorMonash University Library - Data Fluency Team - Beth Pearson
    PersonsCarlo Rindi Nuzzolo


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