Cover Story: Who am I talking to? (Interview on deepfake)

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“Malicious use of AI-generated videos and audios of public figures can misrepresent politicians, misinform the public and undermine democracy by threatening a fair election process. It further disrupts national security, intrudes on individual privacy and creates fake scandals. The affected individuals and the entities they represent will suffer from reputation damage,” says Andrei Kwok, a senior lecturer at Monash University Malaysia.

Kwok says there is a need for more awareness of deepfake scams. “Since deepfakes usually thrive on fake news and disinformation and tend to sensationalise issues, one needs to always verify the source of information. Despite the good intention to share with friends and family members, one should refrain from reflexively circulating content without verifying their credibility.”

Period12 Feb 2024

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Media contributions