Class of 2021: locked down, not out

  • Christine Grove

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    Period27 Jul 2021

    Media contributions


    Media contributions

    • TitleClass of 2021: locked down, not out
      Media name/outletABC Radio National
      Duration/Length/Size21 minutes
      DescriptionThe class of 2021 have spent much of Year 12 as they did Year 11; in and out of repeat lockdowns. Now, that cohort are approaching their final exams.

      How can parents and teachers support students during these final months? And can schools ensure equity while some parts of the country remain under serious restrictions?


      Craig Petersen, President, New South Wales Secondary Principals' Council

      Dr Christine Grove, Senior Lecturer and Educational Psychologist, Monash University
      Producer/AuthorBy Hilary Harper on Life Matters
      PersonsChristine Grove