An expert's view: Coming to terms with grief and rapid change during a pandemic

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    This past week as coronavirus restrictions have slowly eased across the country, Australians have been able to enjoy a slight reprieve from what can only really be described as a rollercoaster ride we didn’t really want to go on. The initial tension and panic have slowly made way for an acceptance of this new way of life complete with physical distancing, the home office and Zoom calls.

    Earlier last month, we released a study unpacking the psyche of Australians as they grappled with ‘Finding the New Normal’. Working closely with grief expert Dr Lefteris Patlamazoglou from Monash University, we uncovered that people were likely to experience a journey of seven emotional states before they finally came to accept and feel some sort of closure in this ‘new normal’.

    Following the release of this study, we sat down with Dr Patlamazoglou to ask how we, as individuals and marketers in a pandemic, can be recognised and respond to these new emotions.

    Period16 May 2020

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    Media contributions