Alarm over youth cyber crime (South China Morning Post)

  • Lennon Chang

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Professor Lennon Chang Yao-chung of City University's Applied Social Studies Department said "this reveals the misconception that cyber crime is committed only by marginal youths, that is, those who have previously shown deviant or delinquent behaviour."

The survey of 1,701 youth was conducted between April and June this year. The subjects were secondary students aged 16 and 17 from 13 schools (63.3 per cent), university students (29.1 per cent) and youth at risk (7.6 per cent).

The study, by the Federation of Youth Groups and City University, is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. It is subsidised by the federation and the Li Ka Shing Foundation. Chan fears that the internet may give youths a false sense of immunity, putting them on the slippery slope of crime.

Period12 Jul 2013

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