AI and the future of Education

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We have reached a point where emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are being touted as impacting significantly across education. AI systems are being developed to support everything from essay grading and 'personalised learning' through to teacher recruitment and system-wide governance for policymakers. Considering this, there is increasing hope that the future of education lies in this fast-changing area of technology development.

Join our facilitator, Australian journalist, author, and radio and television presenter, Virginia Trioli, along with our panel of internationally acclaimed researchers who will cast a critical eye on the increasing attention being paid to AI-driven applications and systems in education.

Our panel will explore and unpack the following questions:

  • What exactly is meant by ‘AI’ and what technical processes does it involve?
  • What forms of AI technology are being implemented in education, and what implications do they have for students, teachers and education institutions?
  • How do the imagined educational benefits of AI contrast with the practical limitations of actually using these technologies?
  • Most importantly, what are the broader consequences of the mainstream presence of AI in schools, universities and other learning environments?
  • Even if AI-driven education is something that is possible, is this something that is desirable?

Period8 Jun 2021 → 10 Jun 2021

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Media coverage


TitleAI and the future of Education
Period22 Jun 2021 → 22 Jun 2021


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