Aboriginal Languages Gaining popularity in schools

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    Period31 Jul 2020

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    Media contributions

    • TitleAboriginal Languages Gaining popularity in schools
      Degree of recognitionNational
      Media name/outletThe Daily Telegraph
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      DescriptionAn article about numbers of schools providing an Aboriginal languages program at primary school in NSW. Quote:
      Monash University language learning expert Dr Ruth Fielding said her research released earlier this year showed primary school students who studied another language in depth were able to significantly improve their NAPLAN results in English.
      “The takeaway message (we took) from that is that you can add an additional language to students’ learning and they will do even better in the external measures of English,” she said. She endorsed the shift to study Aboriginal languages because students would be more engaged because it was relevant to their local community.
      “It does make sense in the Australian context to include Aboriginal languages, particularly if there isn’t another community language which is really strong,“ she said.
      “If that is a local language that is relevant to the local community it has some meaning for students.”
      Producer/AuthorChristopher Harris
      PersonsRuth Fielding