ABC Radio - Body Cam and the impact of surveillance culture

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    In this ABC Radio Perth afternoon program, host Christine Layton interviews Dr. Xin Gu from Monash University to speak on issues relating to Body Cams, relating to her ARC research on automated culture. She gave expert comments on the folllwing questions:

    - Given the advancements in surveillance what role do we play in how far-reaching it is? 

    - Do you feel the Woolworths policy could be an oversight from employers on their employees?

    - Why do you think people are more open to tradition surveillance against the prospect of recognition technology?

    - We wonder is the future of surveillance down to the individual, given businesses are adopting this, will we see everyday citizens normalising the use of body-cams to hold those accountable around them?

    - How do people remain informed on these technological advancements?


    Period22 Apr 2021

    Media contributions


    Media contributions


    • Surveillance culture
    • Automation
    • privacy
    • technology ethics