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“Obviously there are some issues about facial recognition, and identifying individuals,” says
Mehrdad Arashpour, an associate professor in construction engineering and management at
Monash University.
Arashpour’s team of PhD and postdoctoral students has developed a technology that skips this problem by simulating construction machinery. Using a game design engine, the program creates, randomises and automatically labels three-dimensional models of
heavy machinery. The variables of their models can be jiggled, to reflect the real world. “It can be the randomisation of the equipment itself in terms of pose and texture,” says
Arashpour. “It can be the scene randomisation, like the level of lighting – different sunny days, cloudy or night conditions. It can be the floor texture, or background texture, or field of view of the camera.” The options seem to be limitless.

Period2 Jul 2021

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