A Catalan experience

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Event curated at MPavillion on Sunday 11 November, from 4.00 to 6.00.

Discover the culture of Catalonia, home of MPavilion 2018 architect Carme Pinós, in this entertaining afternoon event.  Learn about the history and poetry of Catalonia, see Catalan folklore in action and listen to contemporary and traditional Catalan music. You can even witness the Catalan tradition of Castellets (human towers), demonstrated by the Koales group of performers. And of course the MPavilion Kiosk will be serving refreshing drinks and snacks to see you through.
Pieces played:
Pau Casals - El cant del Ocells [cello + violin]
Fernando Sor:  Study in D major (Op 35 no.17), Study in B minor (Op 35 no.22), Etude no.5 (Op 35)  [guitar]
Isaac Albéniz: "Asturias" + "Cataluña" [guitar]
Roberto Gerhard: "Chaconne" [violin]
Bach: Cello Suite No 6 prelude [cello]
[Guitar: Ryan Littlejohn; Cello: Charlotte Miles; Violin: Ezra Uxo Williams]


Period7 Nov 2018

Media contributions


Media contributions


TitleA Catalan Experience
LocationMPavillion, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Period11 Nov 2018


  • Catalonia
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