‘What does this look like in my classroom?': the role of artefacts in HPE curriculum policy reform

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    Educators are policy actors of one kind or another working with varied capacity (Penney, D. 2013. From policy to pedagogy: Prudence and precariousness; actors and artefacts, Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education, 4:2, 189-197) to interpret curriculum policy within complex webs of discourses which influence enactment in multiple and diverse ways. The circulating discourses and multiple interpretations both merge and repel (in)differently across the material dimensions of policy contexts, including policy actor bodies, school and classroom settings, pedagogical choices, and resources to produce the variable conditions of possibility for the enactment of curriculum policy (Maguire, M., Hoskins, K., Ball, S, & Braun, A. 2011. Policy discourses in school texts, Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 32:4, 597-609). Largely, educators (most especially school teachers) are left alone with the confusing and complex task of turning policy to practice in school contexts – little wonder they do it to various degrees, repeatedly report the stress and strain of this process, and regularly almost begging for tangible/material examples of policy in their everyday practices, ‘what does this look like in my classroom?’ To answer this question this paper picks up Penney’s (2013: 196) ‘unfinished commentary’ about the capacity of policy actors and artefacts to inform the enactment of the HPE curriculum, alongside the notion that ‘policies are not possible without artefacts’ (Maguire et al., 2011: 608) to share a tangible/material HPE policy artefact having tangible enactment impact, namely the Five Propositions cards (Lambert, K., O’Connor, J., Penney, D., & Alfrey, A. 2017. Health and physical education: The five propositions. Melbourne, Monash University). By carefully considering the contextual conditions of possibility for curriculum enactment in HPE alongside genuine calls from teachers for tangible/material pedagogical and assessment support, work samples, teaching and learning activities, and resources this paper exemplifies what might be produced from within the space of innovation and transformation at the intersection of multiple policies
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