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Subashani Maniam (Visiting researcher)

Activity: Visiting an external institution typesVisiting an external academic institution


Energy storage is an effective way to give control to consumers of renewable energy such as solar and wind. They will have a flexible, efficient and reliable method to store the energy generated by themselves and use them when necessary. However, more research in the technology and lowing the cost of energy storage devices for renewable resources are needed before it can become a mainstream product such as a common household battery. As the government is investing more in the development of renewable energy resources to make them more affordable, the energy storage technology should follow suit. Thus, this study will be in line with the interest of developing energy storage technologies. The fundamental research in understanding and deriving materials for energy storage are essential to develop this field. In future, it will be beneficial for household energy users, business owners, energy product manufacturers or suppliers, property owners and builders, local governments and community organisations. In addition, this industry will provide more jobs, higher economic productivity, improved working conditions, health improvements, and savings to both household and public budgets.
PeriodJun 2017Sep 2017
VisitingWaseda University


  • energy storage