Tips and tricks to activate your classroom

Activity: Community Talks, Presentations, Exhibitions and EventsPublic lecture/debate/seminar


As educators, we are continuously striving to improve student motivation and engagement; one way to do this is via the incorporation of active learning strategies that are carefully constructed to align with the intended learning outcomes. Active learning is a broadly used term to describe strategies that enable students to engage with the content and actively understand and apply knowledge. When implemented effectively, active learning can provide students with substantial educational benefits, allowing them increased opportunities to apply key concepts, solve higher-order problems, address misconceptions and develop transferable skills in a peer-peer learning environment.

During this workshop, we will explore a number of different active learning strategies that we have successfully utilised in our human biology units, most of which can (and have) easily been adapted for use across different disciplines. Participants will be encouraged to take part in a range of active learning strategies, allowing them to experience active learning from a student perspective.
PeriodNov 2019
Held atVictoria University, Australia, Victoria
Degree of RecognitionRegional