The Magic of Amulets

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The exhibition The Magic of Amulets presented the tradition of magic amulets from the times of the Pharaohs onwards, with an emphasis on the collection of Egyptian amulets held by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, which were brought home by Slovene collectors in the 19th century. In addition, it featured amulets from the Ptuj-Ormož Regional Museum and the Carinthian Regional Museum. The millennia-old tradition of using objects with magical protective power against danger and mysterious forces has also left traces in contemporary Egypt, as was shown at the exhibition by a private collection Shahira Mehrez of Islamic women’s jewellery of silver and other materials.

Contributing researchers
dr. Constant Hames, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Paris
dr. Živa Vesel, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Paris
dr. Günther Hölbl, Vienna
dr. Alain Epelboin, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris
dr. Elfriede Haslauer, Vienna
dr. Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo, Prato
dr. Jacques Sesiano, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
dr. Shahira Mehrez, Cairo
dr. Klemen Jelinčič Boeta, Ljubljana
dr. Sabina Kramar, Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Ljubljana
Held atSlovenski Etnografski Muzej (Slovene Ethnographic Museum), Slovenia
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • African Art
  • African Collection
  • Egyptian archaeology
  • Egyptology
  • Islamic World
  • talisman
  • protection
  • Egyptian religion
  • exhibition
  • ethnography