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Method and system for image analysis

Abstract: A computer-implemented method for analysing a sample comprising a first material and a second material of generally different densities and having a junction therebetween. The method comprises: defining automatically a plurality of regions of interest within an image of the sample, each of said regions of interest having a width of one or more voxels or pixels; determining respective density, intensity or attenuation profiles within the regions of interest; determining a location of said junction including defining a first reference point within one of said first and second materials and employing the first reference point as current reference point, and (i) determining a closest point to said current reference point that is on said respective profile and in the other of said first and second materials to that of the current reference point; (ii) locating a greatest difference in values of the respective profile between an adjacent peak and trough in a segment of the respective profile between said current reference point and said closest point; and (iii) locating a point of inflexion in said segment.

US20150262387A1 - United States
Period15 Sept 2015
Held atStraxCorp Pty Ltd, Australia, Victoria
Degree of RecognitionNational