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Macromolecular compounds having controlled stoichiometry
CA2626865C - Canada

Abstract: The following invention is directed to macromolecules having controlled stoichiometry and topology, processes for their production, and applications for their use. The macromolecules have a controlled functional moiety stoichiometry and include at least one dendritic motif having a surface layer formed from at least one surface building unit and at least one subsurface layer formed from at least one building unit, the surface building unit and building units having a hydrocarbon backbone bearing a carbonyl group and at least one amine group; and at least two different functional moieties on the building unit and/or surface building unit; where functional moiety stoichiometry refers to the number and type of functional moieties.
Period30 Dec 2014
Held atStarpharma Pty Ltd, Australia, Victoria
Degree of RecognitionNational