Research Data Culture Conversation Phase 1 National Meeting (VIC) 2019

  • Soo, A. (Host)
  • Steve Quenette (Host)
  • Rhys Francis (Host)
  • Luc Betbeder-Matibet (Host)
  • Stephen Giugni (Host)
  • Ailie Smith (Contributor)
  • Christopher McAvaney (Contributor)
  • Helena Lynn (Contributor)
  • Jaye Weatherburn (Contributor)
  • Jo Dalvean (Contributor)
  • Keith Russell (Contributor)
  • Neil Dickson (Contributor)
  • Nicholas McPhee (Contributor)
  • Nicholas May (Contributor)
  • Rowland Mosbergen (Contributor)
  • Sandra Ennor (Contributor)
  • Stephen Dart (Contributor)
  • Lyle Winton (Contributor)
  • Peter Neish (Contributor)
  • Richard Ferrers (Contributor)

Activity: Community Talks, Presentations, Exhibitions and EventsPublic outreach


The Research Data Culture Conversation (RDCC) is an informal group led by a steering committee of representatives from Monash University (Steve Quenette), The University of Melbourne (Stephen Giugni), The University of New South Wales (Luc Betbeder-Matibet) and The University of Sydney (Andrew Anke) and is coordinated by an independent coordinator (Rhys Francis).

Cross-organisation regional meetings across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland were held to bring together the nation’s multi-pillar research support network to discuss the current data management landscape in the era of rapidly growing data. They were organised in collaboration with the ARDC. These meetings collected experiences from the diverse institutional perspectives on the challenges of data management and the future requirements of a research data management plan to inform the RDCC’s paper submission to ARDC.
Period5 Dec 2019
Held atUniversity of Melbourne, Australia, Victoria


  • data management
  • eResearch
  • record keeping
  • sentencing
  • data lifecycle