Rafat Siddique

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Professor Rafat Siddique, the Visiting Professor to School of Engineering, Monash University Malaysia, is an international authority in the area of waste and supplementary materials valorisation in construction materials, particularly in oncrete and cementitious composites. At present, he is a Senior Professor of Civil Engineering in Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, India. Prof Siddique has been involved in teaching and research in the area of structural engineering and construction materials for more than 30 years. His research interests are in use of industrial by-products in cement-based materials, high-volume fly ash concrete, characterisation of leachate from concrete made with waste materials, fibre-reinforced concrete, and microbial concrete. Prof. Siddique has authored four books and more than 200 articles in internationally reputed journals and conferences, including most of the Top-10% journals in Construction and Building Technology. He currently sits on the Editorial Boards of three Top-10% journals and is an Associate Editor of two internationally reputed ISI-journals.

In addition to this, there are several other benefits that can be achieved through the invitation and subsequent appointment of Prof. Siddique as a Visiting Professor. These include:
• Expertise and Knowledge: Prof Siddique brings in wealth of expertise and experience in the area of sustainable construction and construction circularity, where he will be able to share his cutting-edge knowledge on the latest advancements, and best practices in this area, to the benefit of students and academic staff of Monash University Malaysia.
• Research Collaboration: The appointment of Prof. Siddique will facilitate collaborative research opportunities between Monash University Malaysia and his Group, which can lead to joint research projects, publications, and funding opportunities. It enables the exchange of ideas, promotes interdisciplinary research, and encourages innovation in sustainable construction.
• Publications in Top Journals: The collaborative work with Prof. Siddique’s group will support the goal of the Structures and Materials Group to publish in top most journals in the area of cement and concrete, particularly in the journals of Cement and Concrete Research, and Cement and Concrete Composites. It should be noted that Prof. Siddique has published a number of papers in Cement and Concrete Research (which is considered the Top journal in the area of Cement and Concrete), including some single-author papers.
In addition, it will also open up avenues for joint publications in journals where Prof Siddique is serving as an Editorial Board Member, particularly in Resources Conservation and Recycling and Journal of Building Engineering (both Top-10% journals).
• Research Visibility: The collaboration and joint publications with Prof Siddique will provide significant research visibility to the Structures and Materials Group at Monash University Malaysia, which will have the potential to increase the citation and impact of the publications in the long run.
• Sustainability Initiatives: The appointment of Prof. Siddique as a Visiting Professor aligns with Monash University’s commitment and strategic plan of Impact 2030, where sustainability and responsible practices form one of the core domains within the Climate Change global challenge. It will demonstrate Monash’s dedication towards addressing this global challenge, especially in terms of addressing environmental concerns, reducing carbon footprint, and promoting sustainable practices in construction.
• Industry Engagement: As Construction Circularity initiatives and practices are increasingly becoming important in the industry circle, the attachment of Prof. Siddique as a Visiting Professor at Monash can provide visibility to Monash among the industry and foster stronger ties between academia and the industry. They can help establish partnerships with construction companies, manufacturers, and regulatory bodies.
Period26 Nov 20233 Dec 2023
Visiting fromThapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (India)
Visitor degreePhD
Degree of RecognitionInternational