Programming Generative Art - Web Directions Code 2018

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Programming generative art, also known as creative coding, is often a trial-and-error process, combining creativity and logic to present something aesthetic. However, creative coding has a high barrier to entry due to the breadth of knowledge and coding skills required. This talk aims to lower that barrier for you to take home and practice creative coding.

In this talk, you will learn about algorithms and techniques for generative art using Javascript. First, shepherding random numbers to simulate the universality of nature patterns that appear in plants, rocks, sand, and smoke. Next, using L-system formal grammar to create a seemingly infinite, but well-structured, series of graphics. Lastly, integrating your creativity to be used in your own projects.

For you to get the most out of this talk, you should be comfortable working with Javascript. Although I will introduce some theory, background in mathematics and formal theory is not required to attend.
Period1 Aug 2018
Event titleWeb Directions Code 2018
Event typeConference
LocationMelbourne, AustraliaShow on map