Pasar Pintu: Bridging Social Initiatives and Sustainable ESG Enterprises for UN-SDG Impact

Activity: Community Talks, Presentations, Exhibitions and EventsCollaboration on community projects


Pasar Pintu, or 'Door-to-door market', is an initiative by Primus Wellness to address nutritional education for B40 family women while ensuring a sustainable business model delivering fresh fruits & and vegetables to B40 households in Malaysia. Founded as a social enterprise, Pasar Pintu recruits and trains mainly women from the B40 community to sell and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables in people's housing projects. The project has received funding support from Yayasan Hasanah Foundation. The case study of the Pasar Pintu project will be developed by a team of academics from the School of Business of Monash University Malaysia. 
Held atPrimus Wellness Sdn Bhd , Malaysia