NERD NITE MELBOURNE: How deep is the hole? Not the rabbit. Queer indie games!

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There’s an open secret that I want you to know: the games industry is pretty gay. It shouldn’t come off as a surprise that one of the most creative professions and hobbies attracts a diverse and passionate collective of artistic individuals. But first, what are queer games? Are queer games for queer people only? Why aren’t there more queer representations in games, and is it about quantity or quality? My dear, hold my beer (and wine, I’m double parked) as we blitz through a brief history of queer games and journey through fan culture, gay romance, the essence of transness and at the end you will see that the answers may not be binary after all.
Period8 Nov 2023
Event titleNerd Nite Melbourne: Be there or be square
Event typeOther
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LocationBrunswick, AustraliaShow on map
Degree of RecognitionLocal