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  • Scott O'Neill (Inventor)
  • Conor James McMeniman (Inventor)
  • Karyn N Johnson (Inventor)
  • Beth Ann McGraw (Inventor)
  • Luciano A. Moreira (Inventor)
  • Peter Anthony Ryan (Inventor)
  • Brian Herbert Kay (Inventor)
  • Jeremy Colin Brownlie (Inventor)

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Modified arthropod and method of use

Abstract: A modified arthropod, an arthropod-modifying bacterium, and use thereof as an agent for control of diseases transmitted by arthropods, particularly mosquitoes, is provided. More specifically, an isolated arthropod-adapted Wolbachia bacterium capable of modifying one or more biological properties of a mosquito host is provided. The modified arthropod may be characterized as having a shortened life-span, a reduced ability to transmit disease, a reduced susceptibility to a pathogen, a reduced fecundity, and/or a reduced ability to feed from a host, when compared to a corresponding wild-type arthropod.

US9090911B2 - United States
Period28 Jul 2015
Degree of RecognitionNational