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  • Shen, W. (Inventor)
  • Li Xu (Inventor)
  • Junfei Tian (Inventor)
  • Thanh Nguyen (Inventor)
  • Garnier, G. (Inventor)

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Switches for microfluidic systems

Abstract: A microfluidic system including a substrate in sheet form, at least one hydrophilic microfluidic channel supported on a surface of the substrate, and at least one function component formed as part of the substrate for providing a functional component for the microfluidic channel wherein the functional component comprises at least one cut within the substrate for providing a switch or filter component for the microfluidic channel.

WO2010017578A1 - WIPO (PCT)
NZ591128A - New Zealand
CN102149628B - China
EP2318304B1 - European Patent Office
US9011798B2 - United States
AU2009281693B2 - Australia
Period18 Feb 2010