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  • Shen, W. (Inventor)
  • Junfei Tian (Inventor)
  • Mohammad Mohidus Samad Khan (Inventor)
  • Garnier, G. (Inventor)

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Method of fabricating microfluidic systems

Abstract: A method of fabricating a microfluidic system having microfluidic channels on a surface of a hydrophilic substrate, the method including the steps of: hydrophobizing the substrate surface; locating a mask defining the substrate surface, the mask having open areas defining the periphery of the microfluidic channels; and applying an irradiation treatment to areas of the substrate surface exposed by the open areas of the mask, said exposed areas becoming hydrophilic to therefore form said microfluidic channels.

WO2010003188A1 - WIPO (PCT)
NZ590382A - New Zealand
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Period14 Jan 2010
Degree of RecognitionInternational