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Cell division autoantigen (cda) polypeptides, gene sequences and uses thereof

Abstract: The present invention relates to a Cell Division Autoantigen (CDA) and includes polypeptide sequences, gene sequences encoding CDA, vectors containing those sequences, and host cells transformed to contain CDA sequences. The invention also provides antibodies directed against CDA. The invention also relates to the use of CDA as a therapeutic and diagnostic agent for the treatment of cell division associated diseases including cancer. In as aspect of the present invention, there is provided a nucleotide sequences encoding a cell division autoantigen (CDA) said sequence having the nucleotide sequence according to Figure 1 or SEQ ID NO:1 or a fragment, functional equivalent, analogue, mutant or variant thereof. The invention specifically provides nucleotide and amino acid sequences including SEQ ID NO:1 and SEQ ID NO:2 respectively which encode for the CDA molecule. The invention also encompasses antisera and antibodies, including cytotoxic antibodies specific for the CDA polypeptide and/or CDA-derived polypeptides. The invention further encompasses immunogenic, prophlactic or therapeutic compositions, including vaccines, comprising one or more polypeptides. The invention additionally encompassed nucleotide sequences encoding said CDA polypeptide or CDA-derived polypeptides, functional equivalents, analogues, mutants, and variants thereof.

WO2002036768A1 - WIPO (PCT)
Period10 May 2002
Degree of RecognitionInternational