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Opto-electronic device and pulse processing method

Abstract: An opto-electronic device (100) for processing optical and electric pulses includes a photoconductor device (10) with a sensor section (11) which is made of a band gap material and which has electrical sensor contacts (12, 13), and a signal processing device (20) which is connected with the sensor contacts (12, 13), wherein the photoconductor device (10) is adapted to create a photocurrent between the sensor contacts (12, 13) in response to an irradiation with ultra-short driving laser pulses (1) having a photon energy smaller than the energy band gap of the band gap material, having a non-zero electric field component (3) oriented parallel with a line (4) between the electrical sensor contacts (12, 13), and causing a charge carrier displacement in the band gap material, and wherein the signal processing device (20) is configured for an output of an electric signal being characteristic for at least one of carrier-envelope phase (CE phase), intensity, temporal properties, spectral intensity and spectral phase of the driving laser pulses (1). Furthermore, a laser source device including the opto-electronic device and pulse processing method for processing optical and electric pulses are described.

US20150131685A1 - United States
EP2839257B1 - European Patent Office
WO2013156045A1 - WIPO (PCT)
Period14 May 2015
Held atMax Planck Gesellschaft (Max Planck Society), Germany, Bavaria
Degree of RecognitionInternational