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  • Arthur Felipe Nisti Grigoletto Borgonovi (Inventor)
  • Chen, Z. (Inventor)
  • Miha Fuderer (Inventor)

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Method of generating multi-band rf pulses

Abstract: The present invention relates to a method for side-band suppression in a Magnetic Resonance imaging, MRI, system (100), the method comprising providing a first multiband RF pulse for simultaneously exciting at least two slices in a subject (118) at a first and a second frequency band (301,303) and to acquire using the MRI system (100) signals (307, 308) from the excited two slices and at least one additional signal (309) at a third frequency band (305), the additional signal (309) resulting from a sideband excitation of a slice different from the two slices; using the first multiband RF pulse for determining the additional signal (309); deriving a pre-compensating term from the first multiband RF pulse and the additional signal (309), adding the pre-compensating term to the first multiband RF pulse to obtain a second multiband RF pulse, thereby replacing the first multiband RF pulse by the second multiband RF pulse for suppressing at least part of the additional signal (309).

US20170276751A1 - United States
Period28 Sep 2017
Held atKoninklijke Philips N.V (Philips), Netherlands
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