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Dear Dr. Oon,

As the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry I would be grateful if you could findtime to review the Article "Pore Network and Microstructure in the Prediction of Heat Flux Transport in sponge-likeGeopolymers for thermal insulation" for a possible publication in our Journal.This is the abstract:A microstructural approach to the prediction of Heat Flux Transport in porous geopolymers is used experimentally tounderstand the effects of the pore size distribution and pores connectivity to the transfer of the thermal flux acrossthe porous network of geopolymers. Controlling the mix-design and the concentration of porogen agent, capillarypores can be introduced into the system for a final homogeneous microstructure. The roundness of pores, theirgeometrical distribution, and their connectivity allow the possibility to extend the length of the pathway of thetortuous route for potential heat flux. The non-linear relationship betweeen tortuosity-porosity and tortuosity-thermalconductivity confirms that the volume of pores is not the only parameter affecting the Heat Flux Transport. Theresults achieved in term of homogeneous microstructure with geometric description of pore, their level of isolationand the spatial distribution allow the prediction of the Heat FluxTransport in environmentally friendly and sustainable porous geopolymer materials.
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