Joanne Riebschleger

Grove, C. (Host)

Activity: Hosting a visitor types​Hosting an academic or industry visitor


Associate Professor Riebschleger, Ph.D., LMSW, ACSW, is an academic at Michigan State University. She has over 25 years of leading the field through her high quality research, publications, and subsequent international recognition. She also has professional expertise in social work practice in schools and mental health services. Her latest achievement is an invited and commissioned book on rural child welfare practice recently published by Oxford Press.

Associate Professor Riebschleger is particularly passionate about research
and services for vulnerable students. She is regularly invited to present
lectures, keynote presentations and run symposiums at international and
national (USA) arenas about the needs of the children and adolescents,
particularly for mental health literacy and support. She is a long-term
advocate for family-focused services in health and mental health through
her work informing policy and practices.
PeriodJun 2018Aug 2018
Visiting fromMichigan State University (United States of America)
Visitor degreePhD
Degree of RecognitionInternational